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Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Hi Friend!

Thanks for stopping by. On todays blog post I'm going to be sharing a recent DIY project that Jake & I recently did. So, let's get started!

What are we making: DIY "Farmhouse Table" with pocket holes How long did it take?: About 2.5 days with 3 people Plans: We followed the plan from

****Note: We had never worked with pocket holes before when creating something- (Which btw it's so cool and useful, we will for sure create more with them) we used this nifty little tool to help create it-- it's only $34 & super helpful since you can adjust it!

------------------------------------------------------------- A little back story: My papa is a kind soul and a hard worker --- I think most people in his generation are hardworking. Jake and I love to go back home and visit him and my nana. Whenever we tell them we are coming to stay they always cook the best food and show us the best time. Theres nothing sweeter than spending time with your grandparents (and the memories you make).

About 2 weeks ago, Jake and I headed home for our 4 year anniversary weekend --- we decided this year we wanted to celebrate in a different way. We arrived at my grandparents home in a cute but quiet neighborhood. The blooming flowers always make me smile because I know how much their little garden means to them. We unload with our little dog following behind and head inside. We begin to discuss a strategy for how to execute this "DIY" we are wanting to make in our short time home. With Jake still being in school, we only had a weekend to complete our project. After a nice dinner at a local Italian spot (if you know me-- I love Italian food) we set into creator mode!

First-- I found this article after a ton of pinterest research & pinning. I wanted to build a farmhouse table for so long-- but there are SO many options. I figured out this is the design I wanted for our new table. --- (We followed the exact supply list/cut list from this site -- credit to Ana White)

Click the link above for more details: (I am also listing the supply & cut list from the above link below)

Supply List: - 4 (2x4) boards at 8ft long - 1 (4x4) boards at 10ft long - 4 (2x8) boards at 6ft long - 1 (2x8) boards at 8ft long (these will be for the ends of the table) - 1 (2x10) boards at 6ft long

Cut List: - 4 (4x4) post at 29" (this is for the legs) - 2 (2x4) at 67" (long part of the bottom of the table by legs) - 2 (2x4) at 27" (short ends of the bottom of the table by legs) - 1 (2x4) at 74" (stretcher long piece underneath) - 2 (2x4) at 34" (this will support the stretcher piece) - 4 (2x8) at 70.5" (these are your table top pieces) - 1 (2x10) at 70.5" (this is the center table top piece you will connect the other pieces too) - 2 (2x8) at 38" (these are the end pieces of the table top)

Second-- the guys went shopping at Lowes to pick up the supplies while I was getting my hair done (Girls gotta get beautified) -- They followed the list on supplies and had the store cut a few of the larger pieces that we wouldn't be able to do in shop at home.

Third-- Getting started: So we first checked off our list to make sure we had the exact pieces of wood. It's important to do this before you get started--- just to make sure you have everything. We began with cutting the rest of the pieces of wood. Once you get the process started -- you just follow along with the directions and visuals from the Ana White link! It was so helpful in the process.

We started on Friday morning and took a few breaks in between. We finished it by Saturday night and threw a stain on it Sunday morning. -- We plan on eventually making 2 benches to match for the sides, but for now we are looking for the perfect chairs! Regardless this is a piece in our house that we will cherish and pass down for generations.

**Stain: The stain we used is from Lowes (the color is Early American): -- we used only one coat to get the color we liked. It's about a medium brown finish. Then topped it off with a poly (you can choose if you want matte, shine, in between for the finish)

Here are a selfie we took to frame for memories and the finished product:

Selfie after we loaded up the finished table! Aren't my Grandparents just the cutest?

The table after it was stained and finished (with the linked stain color above)

In the words of my papa: "That's one sturdy table-- it's like something that would fit in on Little House on the Prairie. It'll last you a long time." It'll last us a long time, but the memories will last even longer.

Stay tuned for the next DIY!



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