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Shelbs here-- and I'm so excited to be partnering with CVS Beauty to bring you this blog post about their Beauty Unaltered initiative. Last year, CVS announced their Beauty Unaltered campaign which is their commitment to creating new standards for beauty imagery. This includes using CVS Beauty Mark on photos that haven’t been materially altered, and clearly labeling those that have. It’s been over a year since the launch of this campaign, so make sure you take a look next time you are at CVS and see if you see the watermark on the photos in beauty aisle! I love that CVS supports a healthy view on beauty and encourages us to share our photos without retouching them. For me, I like to keep my makeup routine simple. I use a little base foundation, eyeliner, lipstick, and eye shadow (the lemonade palette listed in the photo below has some amazing colors), all of which can be bought at CVS. It's so convenient to be able to shop for my household needs and still pick up everything I need for my morning, night and makeup routine!

What I love about CVS is when I walk in, I usually know what I need to buy. I have my simple list that usually consist of: bath wash, hair products (even picking things up for Jake along the way), face wash (girl loves some Neutrogena face wipes-- they are the bomb) --- yet I always end up leaving with MORE than what I came into the store for. Can anyone else relate?

CVS beauty not only has my favorite brands (Neutrogena, Maybelline etc.) but also has new, and emerging brands! I love being able to find what I love all while trying out new products too. Jake usually has to start checking out to get me to come because I could spend hours shopping away (hehe)Luckily, even when I buy one too many products, I know I am earning rewards by being part of CVS’ Beauty Club. Being a member is the fastest way to shop your favorite beauty products and earn rewards on what you buy! For every $30 you spend on beauty products, you earn $3 back (which is basically another product)! If you're like me and love to go shopping, then you're already in your car now headed to CVS!

So CVS, I have to say: you’re the bomb! Shopping = earning bucks to shop some more (I am down and I know my bank account will thank me for shopping and saving!) all while feeling good about myself, I’m here for it!

Share in the comments below what your favorite brands and/products are and if you like to shop & save with CVS. I'd love to hear what you're loving to use and/what I need to stock up on.

Stay tuned for my makeup routine coming soon!



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